Training, Triathlon and Mumps?!?!


I look ridiculous!

Imagine one of those fat photoshop celebrity pictures on google, I look like that. From the neck up!

Simply ridiculous. My three children can not keep a straight face when they look at me. The pointing seems just cruel!

I woke yesterday with mumps……MUMPS! The now considered rare, predominantly childhood illness that is mumps. I am 37 years old.

They say pride comes before a fall, and it seems those old wives knew a thing or two.

Having done my first triathlon last year, I thought I’d have another bash this year and signed up for my first sea swim triathlon in September.

After a sluggish start to my training, things have actually been progressing reasonably well.

As the weather picked up in ‘sunny’ Devon I have been cycling to work a few times a week and managing a couple of runs and the odd swim. I have been following my own advice with rest days etc and eating well.

Using my GPS (geek) watch I started to notice improvements. I PB’d my cycle to work managing an average of 17mph on the hilly 11 mile route (I know 11 miles isn’t that far, but you’ve got to start somewhere!). I have also been PBing my runs, which was great. Swimming wise I am seriously close to removing my arm bands, but that will come in time. One stroke at a time.

This time last year I did a quick bike ride in my flip flops and scraped my toe, which affected my training a bit. As a precaution, flip flop cycling has been banned this year, you can’t be too careful!

The only mild issue I have had prior to this was tooth pain several months ago, which turned out to be a wisdom tooth coming through. The kids thought I was teething, and my wife offered me Calpol.

So teething and now mumps…… What’s next? Nappy rash, cradle cap, colic!

I haven’t had a day off work in fifteen years, and now I’ve been forced to have a few off I row. The truth is I really enjoy my job and the people I work with, so it’s a very odd feeling to be stuck at home.

It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to being back in work and PBing as soon as possible.

Andy ‘Hamster’ Larmour


Triathlon training update… #triathlon #swimming #running #cycling @oceanphysio

Some of you may remember that I rather foolishly commited to entering a Triathlon in January. So I thought I would provide an update on my ‘training’ so far…

I think it’s fair to say that training has been mixed, at best!

However, following a conversation with our Sports Nutritionist Sarah, I have now decided to make my Triathlon a sponsored event, which has helped my training immensely. Sarah visited a small Charity supporting an orphanage and school for disabled children in Kenya, which is helped out by some British Physios. She was so moved by their work, that she asked if there was anything we could do to help. I offered to make my Triathlon a sponsored event.

Any sponsorship would of course be very welcome, if you click the link below, I’d be very grateful.

On to my training…..

I started like a man possessed, with running and swimming, until I was hampered by a small injury, which stopped my running. Cycling wasn’t going too well either ,due to a lack of bike, and then I got flu, which stopped me completely for 3 weeks!

However, I have now purchased a second hand bike and recovered from my injury and flu, so I’m off again.

For the cycle nuts out there I got a Cannondale Synapse Carbon frame bike, which has been fantastic. After an excellent service and some advice from I was off. After the compulsory few falls getting used to the cleats, I can honestly say that riding has been great fun. I have been cycling into work 2-3 x per week, it’s only 6 miles each way, but it’s a start.

Running, swimming and cycling wise, I now have a much more structured training regime courtesy of Andy at which has added a huge variety to my training. This has really helped to focus me and keep me interested. He has even offered a VO2 Max and Lactate threshold testing, which I am building up to!

My current regime is a run 1-3 x per week including hills, intervals and longer run; 2-3 rides per week which again would ideally include hill and/or intervals (to be honest I havent managed that yet) and 1-2 swims per week.

Things which have really motivated me so far have been

1. Making my event sponsored, for a charity I really believe in.

2. Getting some new shiny kit!

3. Getting a sensible structured training regime.

4. Persuading a friend to do the event too, even if he is Physio to World Class Triathletes and has been getting advice from the best in the business!

5. Downloading some classic albums to listen to whilst running. This has been huge, as I have been struggling with running, which was previously my favourite sport.

6. Reading some great books and websites, such as Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn, Triathlon Swimming made Easy (Total Immersion swimming) and

If anyone out there is considering an event be it Triathlon, Run, Cycle or Swim, I’d say give it a go, get some Professional advice and some new kit, and get going.

I’ll keep you posted on my efforts!

Andy Larmour

Ocean Physio & Rehab

Triathlon? Is this a good idea? #triathlon

The New Year brings new ideas, sometimes crazy ideas….

We have lots of inspiring people visiting the clinic at Ocean Physio & Rehab, all trying to achieve their goals one way or another. Our job is to help them along their way in any way we can.

Over our last few training sessions, we have been discussing Goals both individually and as a clinic.

As a clinic we aim to be the best in the country. We aim to provide the best possible information, facilities and Professional advice to anyone who comes through our doors.

We invest heavily in achieving this though our regular training, recruitment and upgrading our equipment.

But, what about our own goals….

We all have Professional goals, which we are actively working towards. These keep us focused and driven, and help us to deliver excellent service along the way.

In our recent training, we also explored the concept of Personal Goals.

What would we like to achieve outside of work?

What steps could we put into place to achieve them?

Personally, I have always been inspired by Triathlon and Triathletes. I really enjoy working with Triathletes and watching them compete.

But, I have never done one.

So, I took the plunge and entered one. It’s on the 1st July 2012 at Millfield School.

As soon as I paid the fee, I knew I had crossed a line and training should probably start.

I haven’t swum properly since University, I don’t own a road bike and to be honest, running has been on the back burner for a couple of years!

In my first swim session, I was pleased to do four 25m lengths without stopping. I managed 40 lengths but it took me about an hour and I was exhausted.

One month later, I can now do 30 without stopping in about 16 mins, but it will need to be a lot better than that by the time my triathlon comes along.

I should also probably get a bike pretty soon!

Having a goal, setting a target and taking steps to achieve it, is a great feeling though.

Wish me luck, I might need it.

Andy Larmour

Clinical Director,

Ocean Physio & Rehab