Turbo Training: Bringing the Outside Inside!

During the long, cold, dark months of winter it can sometimes be a real chore to get out on your bike to do those statutory training miles in preparation for the spring sportives…..but there is another option!  Granted, it is essential to get out there on the road and do the miles; there is nothing to replace the random nature of the British landscape for that all important endurance workout but get the right indoor workout and you will still get the training benefit…and more!

Turbo trainers have been around for years but many cyclists have got little idea of what you can or should do when you are on them and so beat themselves up with many hours of steady (and pretty boring) riding!  If you can cope with the lack of stimulation, then this will certainly improve your exercise economy and your aerobic function but there are more interesting and stimulating sessions that you can do that will hit that all important ‘anaerobic’ energy system; the energy system charged with the  task of providing energy without oxygen which is essential for attacking hills, taking a sprint or stretching the field of riders behind you whilst challenging your aerobic system and asking it to provide more.

If the terms sprints, ladders, intervals, superspins and pyramids are not familiar to you, you are missing out on heart pumping, adrenaline releasing 30-60 minute workout which will improve your fitness and cycling performance as part of a structured training programme.  Using your own bike gives you the advantage of using a piece of kit which fits you whilst be able to vary your gear ratios, cadence and resistance to provide a more realistic simulation of road riding than a spin or stationary exercise bike… however, be warned….buying a carbon road bike which weighs 25 g is not going make the workout easier!!

At Exercise Science Consulting Ltd we run coached turbo training sessions; we provide the turbo trainers and you bring your bike, a drink and your enthusiasm.  Our 45-60 minutes structured sessions will give you an effective workout and leave you smiling…and asking for more!   If you want to see a short video clip, click here! For more details, to book a slot or to have a chat, call 01392 207783 or email us at info@exercisescienceconsulting.co.uk

Click on this thumbnail for an example session plan


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